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What is an Arc Flash: Ensuring Workplace Safety

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Working in proximity to electrical systems carries inherent risks, and among these, arc flash incidents stand out as significant safety concerns. An arc flash event involves the sudden release of substantial energy, manifesting as intense heat, hazardous fumes, blinding light, deafening noise, and forceful pressure waves. Prioritizing protection against arc flash occurrences is essential for commercial establishments to guarantee the safety of their workforce.

Understanding Arc Flash

An arc flash transpires during an electrical fault when a significant current surges between live conductors. This phenomenon generates plasma, leading to an abrupt discharge of light, heat, pressure, and sound. If the electric arc persists due to a high current supply, it evolves into an arc flash event or flashover.

Hazards Posed by Arc Flashes:

Arc flash occurrences pose critical risks, including:

Temperature: Instantaneous temperatures soaring up to 35,000℉, causing severe burns, material combustion, and melting.

Ultraviolet Radiation: Briefly blinding and disorienting individuals, resulting in severe eye injuries.

Pressure: A substantial pressure wave causing internal harm, collapsed lungs, ruptured eardrums, and physical damage.

Toxic Fumes: Emission of plasma, posing respiratory dangers and internal burns upon inhalation.

Preventing Arc Flash Incidents:

The prevention of arc flash events is crucial for ensuring worker safety. Guidelines provided by entities like OSHA and NFPA, such as NFPA 70E, outline preventive measures for arc flash incidents. While de-energizing equipment is the most effective approach, it may not always be feasible. Key boundaries to be mindful of include:

Arc Flash Boundary: The farthest point from the equipment where a worker could sustain second-degree burns from an arc flash.

Limited Approach Boundary: An area posing shock hazards, requiring suitable personal protective equipment (PPE).

Restricted Boundary: The closest boundary to live equipment, accessible solely by qualified workers equipped with the right PPE.

Ensuring equipment is in optimal condition and meets safety standards is also crucial.

Arc Flash Analysis:

Conducting an arc flash hazard analysis involves examining a facility’s electrical equipment to determine incident energy levels during an arc flash event. Carried out by electrical professionals, this assessment ensures the safety of employees interacting with electrical systems.

Execution of Arc Flash Analysis:

Training and Equipment Evaluation: Thorough assessment of worker training, equipment adherence to standards, and operational processes.

Boundary Identification: Defining arc flash boundaries to implement necessary precautions effectively.

Lock-Out-Tag-Out Procedures: Protocols ensuring equipment de-energization and securing during maintenance procedures.

At Momentum Electrical Contractors, we provide comprehensive arc flash analysis services, identifying boundaries, addressing training and equipment standard gaps, and ensuring compliance with OSHA and NFPA regulations. These endeavors significantly contribute to bolstered worker safety and the establishment of documented preventive measures.

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