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Motorized Window Treatments

Home Safety Systems-Fire Safety Systems-Smoke detectors as per code (110 volt and 9 volt options).

Motorized Window Treatments

Smart Home Automation – Motorized Window Treatments by Momentum Electrical Contractors Elevate your living spaces with the sophisticated integration of technology and design. Momentum Electrical Contractors introduces the future of window treatments with our Motorized Window Treatments solutions. Seamlessly control the ambiance of your rooms with a simple touch or voice command.

Features of our Motorized Window Treatments:
Automated Adjustments: Schedule your blinds or curtains to open or close based on the time of day, ensuring optimal lighting and privacy without manual effort.
Voice-Activated Control: Integrated with popular voice assistants, you can simply ask your window treatments to adjust according to your desires.
Remote Operation: Whether you’re cozied up on your couch or away from home, adjust your window treatments remotely via a smartphone or tablet.
Energy Efficiency: By automating when your treatments open or close, you can ensure optimal sunlight, which can aid in temperature regulation and reduce energy costs.
Enhanced Privacy: Instantly close blinds or drapes in the evenings or when required, giving you and your family the privacy you deserve.
Safety First: Without cords or chains, motorized treatments provide a safer environment, especially for homes with young children or pets.
Silent Operation: Our high-quality motors operate silently, ensuring adjustments don’t disrupt the tranquility of your home.
Integration with Smart Systems: Have your treatments open gradually with your morning alarm or close as you activate your home theater mode. Seamless integration provides a holistic smart home experience.
Customizable Designs: With a range of fabrics, designs, and styles, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics for the sake of technology. Our solutions ensure a perfect match for every interior design theme.

At Momentum Electrical Contractors, we’re bridging the gap between style and technology. Our Motorized Window Treatments provide homeowners with the luxury of automated convenience, coupled with timeless design. Dive into an enhanced living experience where ambiance adjustments are effortless, leaving you to enjoy your space in its best light.

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They were fabulous with their work and communication. We used them on a commercial project for our electronic lockers and it went very smoothly. Thanks so much!

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We hired Momentum to help with installing an electric wall oven. These guys are remarkably professional; and they take customer satisfaction very seriously.

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Momentum offered a reasonable price, accommodated our tight timing and executed the project seamlessly. The project had many unexpected issues and they solved all of them in a short period of time.

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Momentum’s work was done efficiently and professionally at a reasonable price. Will definitely use them for future projects if anything comes up.

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