Energy Efficiency drives bottom line savings

New applications for batteries 

Everyone is familiar with batteries and how they are charged with electricity and then return electricity on demand. For commercial and industrial customers, battery energy storage systems can significantly reduce electricity costs by taking advantage of very low time-of-use electricity rates, reduced demand charges and participating in demand response programs. 

Let us show you how to reduce energy costs and generate income using battery energy storage… 

Reduced Demand Charges 

Demand charges are basically the way electric utilities assess large electricity consumers for the cost of larger wiring, transformers and switchgear needed to meet their electric demands. The higher a customer’s kW demand, the higher the demand charge. For many customers, the demand charge makes up more than half of their monthly electric bill. 

Reducing demand charges requires understanding your energy usage profile. Our experienced technicians can identify what is needed to minimize your monthly demand charges. 

Reliability & Resiliency 

Battery energy storage also increases the reliability and resiliency of your electric supply. When the local electric grid suffers an outage or regular curtailments, your battery system enables you to power some or all of your electric devices or power down critical process to avoid equipment damage and product loss. 

Our engineers and technical staff can create a plan to protect your home and business.  

Low-Cost Time-of-Use (TOU) Rates 

Many utilities offer various classes of customers Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity rates. TOU rates financially incentivize customers to minimize electricity usage during on-peak daytime hours. Off-peak evening and nighttime electricity rates can be as much as 90% less than on-peak rates. 

We can help you reduce your electricity rates by 60% or more using battery energy storage. 

Demand Response Programs 

When the outdoor temperature heads toward triple digits, your local utility will be desperately looking for ways to reduce the skyrocketing electricity demand. Utilities typically have programs to financially reward customers who voluntarily reduce their electricity usage on the handful of super-hot days that can occur each year.   

Commercial and industrial customers can earn thousands or tens of thousands of dollars from participation in demand response programs. We can show you how to maximize your earnings from demand response participation with the minimum of effort. 

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