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Electrical Switches


Switches: Seamless Control at Your Fingertips
At the heart of every illuminated space lies the humble switch – a tool that allows us to command our environment with a simple flick. Momentum Electric Company understands the integral role switches play in modern homes, and we’re dedicated to offering solutions that combine style, safety, and function.

A switch does more than merely turn lights on or off. With the advent of smart switches, homeowners now have the power to control their lighting remotely, set timers, and even integrate with home automation systems. Whether you’re aiming for energy conservation, increased security, or the sheer convenience of voice-controlled lighting, Momentum Electric Company is at the forefront of this technological evolution.

But we also recognize the charm and timelessness of traditional switches. For those looking to retain the classic elegance of their homes or simply prefer the tactile feel of a switch, we provide a range of designs and styles that seamlessly blend with your decor.

Safety remains paramount. Older homes may still have switches that are not up to the current safety codes. Our switch assessment and upgrade services ensure that every switch in your home not only functions perfectly but is also safe for you and your family.

For those aiming to set a particular mood or ambiance, dimmer switches offer the ability to control the intensity of light, creating the perfect setting for movie nights, dinners, or relaxation.
Outdoors enthusiasts aren’t forgotten. Our robust outdoor switch solutions ensure that your garden, patio, and pool areas are well-lit and safe, enhancing the functionality of your external spaces.

At Momentum Electric Company, switches aren’t just about turning things on or off; they’re about offering you seamless control over your environment. Dive into our world of switch solutions today, and redefine how you interact with your spaces.

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They were fabulous with their work and communication. We used them on a commercial project for our electronic lockers and it went very smoothly. Thanks so much!

Jacob M.

I am very impressed with Tom and his crew. They’re responsive, reliable, and do top quality work.

Jeff P.

We hired Momentum to help with installing an electric wall oven. These guys are remarkably professional; and they take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Ki V.

Momentum offered a reasonable price, accommodated our tight timing and executed the project seamlessly. The project had many unexpected issues and they solved all of them in a short period of time.

Dan S.

Momentum’s work was done efficiently and professionally at a reasonable price. Will definitely use them for future projects if anything comes up.

Stephanie M.

Highly recommend!! Exceptional service and price. Tom was very helpful, a really nice straight forward guy who definitely cares about his clients.

Amy R.