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ChargePoint Home Flex

Home Safety Systems-Fire Safety Systems-Smoke detectors as per code (110 volt and 9 volt options).

ChargePoint Home Flex

Step into the future of EV charging with the ChargePoint Home Flex. Momentum Electrical Contractors proudly specializes in installing this state-of-the-art charging solution, ensuring that your electric vehicle benefits from rapid, efficient, and dependable charging at your convenience.

Features of our ChargePoint Home Flex Charger Installations:

Flexible Amperage: The ChargePoint Home Flex offers adaptable amperage settings, catering to your current and future EVs, and allowing charging speeds up to 50 amps.

Wi-Fi Enabled: Stay connected with your charger’s status, schedule your charging sessions, and track energy consumption with the ChargePoint app, all thanks to integrated Wi-Fi.

Universal Charger: With its universal J1772 connector, the Home Flex is compatible with the majority of EVs on the market, making it a versatile choice for multi-EV households.

Robust Safety Protocols: Safety is paramount. Our installations ensure that the ChargePoint Home Flex operates under stringent safety guidelines, protecting both your vehicle and your home.

Energy Management: Smartly integrate the Home Flex with your home’s energy consumption patterns, ensuring efficient use and the possibility of leveraging off-peak rates.

Weatherproof Design: Durable and designed for all elements, the Home Flex can be confidently installed both indoors and outdoors, offering flexibility in placement.

Voice-Command Capabilities: Compatible with popular voice assistants, you can monitor and control your charging sessions effortlessly with voice commands.

Sleek Aesthetics: ChargePoint Home Flex marries functionality with design, ensuring it blends seamlessly with modern home exteriors and interiors.

Dedicated Support: At Momentum Electrical Contractors, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our team is always available for post-installation support, troubleshooting, or any queries related to your charging experience.

Electrify your journey with the confidence that your vehicle is powered by one of the industry’s top charging solutions. With ChargePoint Home Flex and Momentum Electrical Contractors by your side, every charge is a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and a greener tomorrow.

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